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Petting Zoo

Make your next party or event a Zoo, a Petting Zoo that is! Mobile Zoo of Southern California can turn any get together into an attraction.

Our safari leaders will arrive on time with a full assortment of friendly critters for animal lovers of all ages to pet including ducks, pygmy goats, guinea pigs, chickens, pot-belly pigs, tortoises, bunny rabbits, and more! Up to 15 guests at a time will get enjoy their own pint-sized safari in our 12’ x 12’ Petting Zoo pen.

Enjoy interacting with a variety of animals as you learn about them from our educational animal caretakers. We provide tiki-umbrellas and hand-sanitizing stations for your comfort and convenience.

Our Birthday Zoos are a standard 12’ x 12’ size. Looking for something bigger? Zoos can be super sized and customized to have as much square footage, tenting and animals as your space, and budget, allows. Just call for a special quote! Mobile Zoo can handle any sized event, so if you’re an event promoter, school, church or organization with a stampede on your hands we have you covered.

Give us a call with any special request so we can tailor our Zoo to fit your needs!